Resolving Probate and Conservatorship Matters with Dignity and Respect

Dealing with issues surrounding death or incapacity of a loved one can be confusing and even overwhelming. Discovering that there may be a conflict or dispute over an Estate, Will, Trust, Conservatorship, or Guardianship can further aggravate that situation.  The Kiken Group can be of assistance in effectively resolving your probate court problems.

With a practice focus on probate for over 25 years, Dale Kiken has assisted individuals and families to successfully litigate problems concerning an Estate, Will, Trust, Conservatorship, or Guardianship or combinations of those issues.  Since probate matters generally are decided by a judge without a jury.  The Kiken Group strategically acts and reacts before the court to meet the needs of the case.  Probate documents filed with the court are generally signed by the client under penalty of perjury. Special care must be taken both by the firm and by its clients to ensure that the statements made are correct.  While the court process can often take considerable time, ranging from months to years, we seek to move your matter forward through the legal process as expeditiously as possible.

I am very appreciative of Mr. Kiken’s services and would gladly refer him to anyone with Probate or Trust issues.

DC Client

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The issues might involve incapacity, duress, guardianship, conservatorship, undue influence, menace, deceit, fraud or even elder abuse. As a probate litigator, Dale Kiken fights for his clients’ rights competently and calmly resolving disputes – even in the most complicated cases. He has earned his reputation for reaching a satisfactory resolution for his clients.

The Kiken Group, including its attorneys, paralegals, and staff, know and live teamwork by diligently assisting our clients with the utmost care. We understand the personal nature of resolving litigation involving an Estate, Will, Trust, Conservatorship, or a Guardianship.  These intricate issues require wisdom accrued from over 25 years of hands-on probate litigation. The nuances in the law and the personal toll on the human condition are paramount issues for us as we analyze the law and circumstances, create the right strategy and implement the process to solve your probate court challenges.

We will develop a custom strategy and timeline to meet the needs of  your case.  We strive to keep you informed throughout every step along the road to the ultimate resolution of your matters.