How attorney fees in California probate work

How Attorney Fees in California Probate Work

Although a frightening prospect, breaking down fees for Probate in California is less complicated than one would initially think. It can be a daunting process at first when realizing there’s over 21,000 probate codes in the state of California alone… LEARN MORE


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Intestate Succession Attorney in California

The Laws of Intestate Succession and Probate Codes in California are very complicated. In order to successfully navigate them, you should make sure you have experienced advice, counsel, and representation. Then you can protect your loved ones in the event . . . LEARN MORE


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California Conservatorship Attorney for Your Family

In a Conservatorship proceeding, a Probate Court decides whether to allow an individual or organization to be appointed “Conservator” to protect and manage the personal care or finances, or both, of a person referred to as “Conservatee”, who is not physically or mentally able . . . LEARN MORE