How you can avoid a trust dispute

How to Avoid a Trust Dispute

You have created your trust and clearly expressed your intent in order to avoid any disputes amongst your family. What could go wrong? Here are some tips based on our experience to help avoid future problems. LEARN MORE

Reasons to Contest a Will

Reasons to Contest a Will

Whether you call it voiding a will, disputing a will, challenging a will, or contesting a will, in California the law is clear on the reasons to contest a will. LEARN MORE

Should Your Probate Lawyer be Local?

Should Your Probate Lawyer be Local?

Whether you live near the probate lawyer’s office or far, the price for legal services remains the same. Filing fees and publication fees in various jurisdictions vary from county to county and are not dependent on either how near or far you live from your Probate lawyers’ office. LEARN MORE

Trusts vs. Wills: The Basics

Trusts vs. Wills: The Basics

Each document has its own function and responsibilities and zones of activity. You can choose to have either one or both. Most people who create a Trust will also create a Will that will pour-over assets that may not have been contributed to the Trust. LEARN MORE


How attorney fees in California probate work

How Attorney Fees in California Probate Work

Although a frightening prospect, breaking down fees for Probate in California is less complicated than one would initially think. It can be a daunting process at first when realizing there’s over 21,000 probate codes in the state of California alone… LEARN MORE


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Intestate Succession Attorney in California

The Laws of Intestate Succession and Probate Codes in California are very complicated. In order to successfully navigate them, you should make sure you have experienced advice, counsel, and representation. Then you can protect your loved ones in the event . . . LEARN MORE


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California Conservatorship Attorney for Your Family

In a Conservatorship proceeding, a Probate Court decides whether to allow an individual or organization to be appointed “Conservator” to protect and manage the personal care or finances, or both, of a person referred to as “Conservatee”, who is not physically or mentally able . . . LEARN MORE