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Where Families Turn to Resolve Probate Matters

At The Kiken Group, we provide thoughtful, analytical and effective representation in probate court litigation. We assist individuals, trustees and families with an Estate, Will, Trust, Conservatorship, or Guardianship.

Did you know that probate litigation does not include the right to a jury? A judge generally determines the outcome of any Petition or Trial. Dale Kiken’s extensive experience and long-term relationships with the probate court system and judges has spanned several decades. His preparation with his support staff at The Kiken Group, together with deep knowledge and wisdom gained from years of experience and ongoing education allows us to help parties and families to resolve their probate litigation matters expediently.

The probate system of today is modeled after the Court of Equity in the English court system. In the Equity Court and now in our Probate Court, the judge decides on the outcome of equitable matters without any jury.


Helping clients navigate the probate process with clarity and dignity. LEARN MORE

Estate Contests

Resolving issue that may arise concerning the contents of an estate. LEARN MORE

Trust Disputes

Handling issues from lawsuits to accounting problems. LEARN MORE

Conservatorships | Guardianships

Aiding clients in assuring that people under certain conditions are protected. LEARN MORE