Trust Disputes

Trust Disputes commonly arise when:

  1. The validity of the Trust is in question either by defects in its creation, undue influence, menace, duress or fraud;
  2. The Trustee has filed an accounting which may be challenged;
  3. The Beneficiaries challenge the actions of the Trustee and may seek removal of the Trustee;
  4. The terms of the Trust are unclear and must be determined by the Court;
  5. The Trustee seeks instruction from the Court as to how to proceed;
  6. The Trust needs to be modified because of changed circumstances;
  7. One or more assets that were meant for the Trust were not included and now need to be transferred by court order;
  8. A Third Party or Creditor sues the Trust;
  9. The Trustee must sue to recover an asset or claim of the Trust.

We always felt very lucky to have found Dale Kiken to lead us through the various aspects of the litigation.

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