Trust Disputes

Trust Disputes commonly arise when:

  1. The validity of the Trust is in question either by defects in its creation, undue influence, menace, duress or fraud;
  2. The Trustee has filed an accounting which may be challenged;
  3. The Beneficiaries challenge the actions of the Trustee and may seek removal of the Trustee;
  4. The terms of the Trust are unclear and must be determined by the Court;
  5. The Trustee seeks instruction from the Court as to how to proceed;
  6. The Trust needs to be modified because of changed circumstances;
  7. One or more assets that were meant for the Trust were not included and now need to be transferred by court order;
  8. A Third Party or Creditor sues the Trust;
  9. The Trustee must sue to recover an asset or claim of the Trust.

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