I was very worried about my mother’s Conservatorship matter and a Temporary Restraining Order. My concerns were aggravated since I come from out of the Country and am not familiar with the US Court system. At the recommendation from a trusted friend I called The Kiken Group.

Mr. Kiken explained the process to give us assurance and peace of mind to understand what would occur as we moved forward. His paralegals assisted me in delivering the documents necessary for filing and getting them to his office.

The 3-day trial was successful with a court decision in our favor providing the best care for my mother. Thank you Mr. Kiken.

— EG

My sister died before she was able to receive her inheritance in a contested Estate. I was very pleased when Dale Kiken agreed to represent me as the Administrator of my sister’s Estate.

Even though I live outside of California, he assisted me with all the details necessary for my appointment, including securing the required bond. Once I was appointed, he represented me in pursuing my sister’s claim in the other Estate. That claim was very complicated and only settled after lengthy litigation and preparation for trial.

Dale helped me cope with the court’s schedules and the many duties of an Administrator.

I appreciate that The Kiken Group has always had my back.

— RS

When I learned that my mother was becoming incapacitated and needed a conservatorship, I followed the recommendations of a friend, which is an attorney, to contact Dale Kiken. I am so happy I did!

My mother was very smart and made a trust to hold her investments and her house near the beach. We learned that as she lost her capacity, she cut her trust into strips, destroying some pages and writing over others in an effort to make changes, making it impossible to understand the terms of the trust.

I was very emotional and lacking any knowledge of the probate court. Dale Kiken walked me through the procedures of conservatorships taking the mystery out of the process and was always available to answer any of my many questions. His paralegals and clerks were always responsive to my phone calls and emails. Once, Dale even faxed a document to the island where I was scuba diving for my review and signature.

Dale had a way of presenting things to the judge that made the judge seem more human and helped to get the job done. He remained my attorney for many years.

When my mother passed away, Dale again represented me and guided me through the duties as executor of her will and trustee of her trust.

Even when I had questions about other legal issues, he was there to give me some guidance.

I will always be indebted to my friend for her suggestion to call Dale Kiken. He and The Kiken Group are the greatest

— KA

When my husband died during the course of a very large complex trust matter, I was referred to Mr. Kiken to assist in the defense of that matter. He assisted me in that Trust litigation which I had to continue as an Executor of my husband’s Estate.

At that very difficult time, Mr. Kiken met with me several times to help me understand the court process and the duties of the Estate Executor. If he wasn’t in the office when I called, his staff assisted me whenever possible.

I was very impressed with Mr. Kiken’s understanding of the issues and the dynamics of the opposition. He served as my counsel in the Trust case through its favorable resolution for my husband’s Estate and then through the closing of the Estate.

I am very appreciative of Mr. Kiken’s services and would gladly refer him to anyone with Probate or Trust issues.

— DC

I have worked with attorneys throughout my career as a compliance officer, some are better at their jobs than others.

It was only when I retained Dale Kiken and The Kiken Group that I first witnessed excellence of legal acuity and knowledge. Dale is regularly at least 5 chess moves ahead of everyone, with each move carefully calculated for ripple effects today and going forward. Yet he is also conscious and considerate of client expenses.

Truly I feel blessed to have the BEST. To say that I have confidence in Dale Kiken and The Kiken Group is such an understatement.

— MS

As Trust Beneficiaries, we confronted the Trustee who was acting against our interests.

We always felt very lucky to have found Dale Kiken to lead us through the various aspects of the litigation that included a breach of contract claim, the Trustee’s Accounting, and a Breach of Fiduciary Duty Petition, all the way through trial, appeal, back to trial and finally to a satisfactory settlement.

Throughout the lawsuits, each of us was having a difficult time in dealing with the litigation while facing school and coping with the loss of a parent.

Mr. Kiken’s dedication to resolve the numerous issues with the Trustee was thoughtfully crafted.

Thank you to Dale Kiken for his focused attention on our issues,the support and assistance of his team of paralegals and clerks at The Kiken Group.

— SF

I am glad to have had the referral to Dale Kiken to represent me as the Trustee in a dispute with the beneficiaries. Dale assisted me in analyzing the situation, charting a course of action and eventually reaching out to the resolution. Dale is one of the best! I give Dale and the staff at The Kiken Group 5 stars!

— EH