Estate Contests

The legal term “of sound mind” refers to an individual’s mental capacity to make decisions and understand the consequences of those decisions, especially when drafting a will or entering into legal agreements. To be “of sound mind”, a person mustREAD MORE

Losing a loved one is a challenging and emotional experience, and matters can become even more complex when concerns arise about the validity of the Will. Contesting a Will is a legal process that allows family members, particularly children, parentsREAD MORE

The concept of forgery arises both in criminal and civil matters. In criminal matters, forgery is a crime where the defendant is said to have falsely signed, made or materially altered a writing covered by the forgery statute with theREAD MORE

Undue influence in contested wills and trusts is a serious legal issue that can arise when someone exerts improper pressure on the individual who has made a will or given a legacy (the ‘testator’). When someone takes advantage of theREAD MORE

The passing of famous celebrities often sparks intrigue and legal battles over their estates and Lisa Marie Presley’s case is no exception. In the wake of her death the validity of the trust has been called into question, leading toREAD MORE

Losing a loved one can be a stressful experience. But when an estranged family member unexpectedly resurfaces with the news of their passing, it can stir up complicated emotions and family dynamics. After years of silence, they are suddenly backREAD MORE

Contesting a will in California involves challenging its validity based on various claims, including fraud, undue influence or duress, incapacity, and violating California law. Those contesting the will may also challenge the executor status of the individual responsible for administeringREAD MORE