Trust Disputes

The concept of forgery arises both in criminal and civil matters. In criminal matters, forgery is a crime where the defendant is said to have falsely signed, made or materially altered a writing covered by the forgery statute with theREAD MORE

Undue influence in contested wills and trusts is a serious legal issue that can arise when someone exerts improper pressure on the individual who has made a will or given a legacy (the ‘testator’). When someone takes advantage of theREAD MORE

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An estate plan often includes the creation of a trust to manage and distribute assets to beneficiaries after someone passes. However, trust disputes and conflicts can arise within families or between beneficiaries, leading to a process known as trust litigation.READ MORE

In the intricate world of estate planning, a trust dispute is rarely a straightforward affair.  Family members who have always been cordial and friendly can find themselves at odds when money and assets come into play. And that is whyREAD MORE

So, you have carefully created your trust to avoid trust disputes, distribute your money and assets according to your plan for your children, family members, and maybe siblings and charities. What could go wrong and result in a trust dispute?READ MORE