Contesting Your Parents’ Will in California

So, you’re thinking about contesting your parent’s will because you don’t believe that the will properly expresses your parent’s intent.  

Reasons to Contest a Will

The California Probate Code provides many reasons to contest a will in California. Those grounds for voiding a will include:

  • Incapacity means that your parent lacked sufficient capacity or mental competency to understand what was being signed;
  • undue influence means that your parent was so influenced that the will did not express your parent’s intent but instead expressed the intent of the person who unduly influenced your parent;
  • coercion meaning that your parent was forced to sign the will by someone else;
  • fraud meaning that your parent was tricked into signing by false representations or actions;
  • forged signatures meaning that someone other than you parent signed the will.

Taking Action at the Right Time

If you have any question as to when to contest your parent’s will and file an estate contest, you should immediately contact an estate contest litigation attorney at The Kiken Group to assist you in determining how and when to proceed. 

The probate litigation attorneys at The Kiken Group have the skill, knowledge and experience to assist you in your will contest.  Contact us at (657) 315-1176 or by email through our website at Contact.  We will discuss your case with you for up to 30 minutes at no charge so that you can confirm that we are the right fit for your case and have the degree of knowledge and experience you desire.