Testimonial Category: TRUSTS

So, you have carefully created your trust to avoid trust disputes, distribute your money and assets according to your plan for your children, family members, and maybe siblings and charities. What could go wrong and result in a trust dispute?READ MORE

So, you’re thinking about contesting your parent’s will because you don’t believe that the will properly expresses your parent’s intent.   Reasons to Contest a Will The California Probate Code provides many reasons to contest a will in California. Those groundsREAD MORE

Probate lawyers near you are familiar with state Laws, local court rules, rules of court, and cases for their jurisdiction. But your search for “probate lawyer near me” may identify thousands of results, some within your jurisdiction but many whoseREAD MORE

When thinking of the distribution and management of your assets during a period of disability or after your death, you want to plan carefully to be certain that your intentions will be carried out and can be achieved through theREAD MORE

After losing a friend or loved one, it may be difficult to think beyond your own grief. But many things remain to be done for that departed person (called a decedent in the Probate Court), including funeral plans, last rightsREAD MORE

In a Conservatorship proceeding, a Probate Court decides whether to allow an individual or organization to be appointed “Conservator” to protect and manage the personal care or finances, or both, of a person referred to as “Conservatee”, who is notREAD MORE

Depending upon the nature and extent of the assets (or the “estate”) of the person who has died (the “decedent”), a Probate of the estate may be required.  Probate is the court process which oversees the transfer of legal titleREAD MORE